Text Candy

Surprise your friends! Enhance your text messages with word art and icons! Text Candy provides a large catalog of customizable word art and icons. Send via any messaging service that is capable of receiving images!


A timed memory game that reveals your mentality. Fully animated! Live feedback as you play! Review your gameplay stats and mentality summary! You'll play this more than you think! Share your results on Facebook or Twitter!


Use SpotJot to type, copy and paste, and send text to your iPhone from your PC or Mac! No more typing long messages with your thumbs! How To:

  1. Download SpotJot to your iPhone
  2. Goto www.spotjot.com to input and send a message to your iPhone
  3. Share the message to social media, SMS or email the message, or copy and paste the message from your iPhone!

Gambling Rules of Golf

Gambling Rules of Golf is an eBook by Thomas L. Bell including colorful illustrations and descriptions of various golf games and rules that can be played to enhance the wonderful game of golf. Learn rules and play course games including:

Lightbulb IP

A pocket guide to patents, trademarks and copyrights developed by Lightbulb IP, LLC. Get a crash course on various areas of intellectual property law. Request quotes for patent, trademark and copyright services.